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Rabeah Rahimi: A Refugee’s Story of Success and Inner Peace

by Out and About Mag.

Rabeah Rahimi, Actress

I brought my dreams from Afghanistan to Berlin

A Refugee’s Story of Her Path to Success and Inner Peace

Rabeah Rahimi

Success means having inner satisfaction and pure calmness. You will know that you achieve it once you have peace in your heart and mind. Inner peace is important to me as much as it is to everyone else. I’m proud of what I have accomplished through the years, despite the hardships and pain I sadly experienced. Hopefully, my work in the entertainment industry will give pleasure to others when they see it.

Like everyone else, my life towards success isn't easy. I was a refugee from Afghanistan, and I was ten years old when I moved to Germany. It was a big culture shock for me. The people, their behaviour and everything were very different from what I knew and what I experienced. I had to learn to adapt. Berlin has a great culture—it's very green everywhere—parks are everywhere. I'm very grateful for the chance to have a new life here. Girls can go to school, enjoy free education, and achieve everything they dream of.   

I was traumatised because of the war in Afghanistan. If I don’t have a fundamentally positive attitude towards life and without the necessary support from people around me, I would certainly not achieve this point in my life. I can’t imagine my life without my friends and they make me very happy. 

Even though I have a dark past, I’m still a dreamer. I often lie in the grass with my dog, gaze at the blue, sunny sky and think of happy thoughts. I love cycling and discovering new streets, seeing beautiful and colourful buildings and meeting new people. I’m a happy-go-lucky person and I love everything about my life.

I discovered that I love acting. I find it incredibly exciting to slip into different roles with different lives and characters. I feel alive through acting and it gives me great pleasure. Sometimes, when I’m sad and the haunting memories come back, acting helps me to process them and eventually calm me down.

So far, the biggest achievement in my life happened when I got a role in a film called ‘Twins’. I was with Gérard Depardieu who is incredibly talented and gave me important tips. He always reminds me with the words: “Don't play it—feel it.” In addition to my acting career, I’m currently studying directing at the film school in Berlin. I find it very exciting to get professional knowledge about film-making.

My dream is to create my own film in which I can tell my personal story. I would like the film to encourage others to start a new, meaningful life: far from home, despite all the adversities. Sometime in the near future, I also believe it is wonderful to have my own family—a loving family to whom I can share my love, full support and happiness.

We all know that life is a series of ups and downs. Expect hardships and remember to learn from it. A painful past isn’t a great memory, and it is something that we can’t change. We can get courage from our darkest memories to continue life and make sure to do everything better for our own selves, our families and the world’s future. The most important thing we need to learn is to follow our hearts, try to realise your dreams, and most of all, to be proud of yourself. 

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