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Retreatmi: Goodbye Lipstick Effect and Hello Wellness Treat Effect

by Out and About Mag.


Covid-19 has changed many things and as many of us continue working from home, even a dash of lipstick isn't proving quite so enticing as a pick me up treat and affordable way to feel good in the strangest of times. As recently launched new wellness staycation, daycation and activity portal RetreatMi.com sells out its first set of retreats and activities, we ask, is investing in self-care and health and wellness treats the new Lipstick Effect of the Covid era?

With global travel off the table for many of us, coupled with salary reductions and a general tightening of belts as the future is a little uncertain, feeling happy and healthy in ourselves has never been so important. Thankfully investing in a little escapism even for an hour or two and our mental health and overall wellbeing has never been so easy thanks to Retreatmi.com.

Retreatmi.com is a unique online platform dedicated to health and wellness holidays, staycays, daycays, activities and a variety of added services including massage and beauty treatments, culinary experiences, sport, fitness and plenty more. Its goal is to be the definitive online platform and healthy adventure hub that makes planning wellness holidays and wellness retreats hassle-free and very soon it will offer the world's first custom-made retreat builder too.

Here's a few retreats, experiences and activities for every interest and budget coming up soon on RetreatMi.com:

Shamanic Breathwork Workshop

  • 4th and 6th November – AED 149 per person
  • When we change the way we breathe, we change the way we live. ~ Shamanic Breathwork is an experience combining breathing, music and a sacred space to facilitate expanded states of awareness for self-exploration and healing.
  • Book here

ICE THERAPY Workshop - Wim Hof Method

  • 7th November – AED 396 per person
  • Discover the benefits of cold exposure, breathing techniques and the power of the mind to conquer the cold and overcome fear.
  • Book here

Mountain Retreat @Jebel Yanas RAK with cheese fondue

  • 27th November – AED 1,100 per person
  • Take in the vistas of Jebel Yanas with delectable fondue and a warm mulled drink at the top of the mountain.
  • Book here 

ICE BATH: Introduction to Wim Hof breathing technique

  • 13th November – AED 396 per person
  • This program will help you to boost your immune system, enhance your performance, release anxiety and stress, and help with muscle recovery.
  • Book here

Aventura Adventure Park

  • Various Dates – AED 185 per adult and AED 149 for kids
  • Get 3 hours of unlimited exhilaration and fun with our Adventure Park admission tickets. Escape the ordinary on Aventura's circuits, based on height and age, as many times as you want.
  • Book here

Muay Thai - 1 Hour Private Session

  • Available on request – AED 342 per session
  • 1-hour private Muay Thai training session with professional MMA fighter and Karate Gold Medalist Rafat Shawe.
  • Book here

Health Nag 3 Day Soulful Weekend Retreat

  • 19th - 21st November – AED 1975 per person
  • Upgrade your vibrations, top up the energy levels, shed the old and soak in the new, be mildly nagged about functional health and have a few days of total bliss in a company of like-minded women.
  • Book here

The Mama Circle

  • 6-week course every Monday, starting 2nd November – AED 938 per person
  • Join a group of like-minded mums, as we explore real topics in motherhood, so that you can start to create a life that you love.
  • Book here

RetreatMi.com has something for every budget and requirement, including family and pet-friendly options. With new health and wellness breaks and activities being listed every day.

Feel happy and healthy, your way. For more information follow @Retreatmi or visit www.retreatmi.com



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