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Review – Zuma Abu Dhabi: Prepare to be Amazed

by Out and About Mag.

Take the stairs down to the restaurant area at Zuma Abu Dhabi and prepare to be mind blown with the best Japanese izakaya-style dining. Zuma is sophisticated: dark walls, burgundy leather chairs, stone fixtures, and a live-edge wood bar.

Zuma Abu Dhabi

Its upscale kitchen creation, complimented by a signature robata and a sushi counter, adds to Zuma's edge. We didn't miss out on telling you about the fantastic water views, did we? Yes, Zuma is set on the water. 

Let's start with a quality cocktail from the buzzy all-teak bar before easing into a culinary journey around Japan. The cocktails on offer are delicious! Just looking at the menu, you want them all, and they are plenty. The raspberry and passion fruit martini comes highly recommended. The mocktails are just as well presented and taste amazing, too. If you want something unique yet amazing, try the kohi mame, the espresso-based mocktail.

Now, let's eat! What is most impressive about Zuma is the wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options. When we say impressive, it truly is.

As a vegan, Zuma is not in the category of restaurants that you go to, knowing you are going home hungry. Vegans, you know what we mean. To ensure this is not possible, let the chefs take care of you with Daikoku—an extensive selection of dishes chosen by the head chef. Though only available as a choice for the whole table, and a minimum of two guests, you will not be disappointed.

Choose from a signature for AED 694 per person or a premium option for AED 935 per person. Our premium selection included the incredibly fresh and tasty pescatarian and vegan options.

Here are some of the dishes we tried and loved:

  • Salads: 
    • Hourensou no goma ae — steamed Japanese spinach with sesame sauce (v).
    • Piri kara dofu to abogado salada — spicy fried tofu, avocado and Japanese herbs (v). 
  • Snacks and soups:
    • Edamame — steamed soybeans with sea salt (v). 
  • Sushi: 
    • Vegetarian sushi - Yasai no nigiri to maki moriawase — a selection of vegetarian nigiri and maki selected by the chef. It comes in 10 pieces and with seven variations. We had all vegan options.
  • Zuma Nigiri: 
    • Sake aburi mentaiko — salmon aburi, mentaiko sauce and lemon.
  • Maki rolls: 
    • Hokkaido hotate — grilled Japanese scallops maki with caviar (g). 
  • Seasonal dishes: 
    • Maguro no uni nokke — special sushi, tuna, uni and caviar. 
  • Signature dishes:
    • Gindara no saikyo miso yaki — miso marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaf.
  • Dessert: 
    • Exotic fruit platter with tropical sorbet 
    • Chawan mushi, coconut custard and exotic fruits

Have you ever had a Wasabi experience? No? Head down to Zuma Abu Dhabi, and be sure to get one. Wasabi described in detail from the point of growth to being grated in front of you at your table. This is the level of service and attention to detail you can expect when you dine at Zuma Abu Dhabi.

Zuma Abu Dhabi

The vibe! Zuma is a vibe. An elegant, sophisticated, yet buzzing vibe. One that is ignited by the live beats of the resident DJ. If you want an incredibly memorable dining experience, try Zuma Abu Dhabi at The Galleria, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.


It’s a 9.5/10 for us.



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