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Being healthy in all areas of life needs a lot of sacrifices, discipline, and hard work. It is why you need to strive hard to strike a balance in each aspect of it. For your reference, we’ve identified the seven most important elements to help you achieve a successful and happy life. 


In the following, let’s discuss what you need to know about each element and a few tips on how to achieve a balance of them. 


One of the most significant aspects of life is the brain. After all, it’s where great ideas are first conceived. It’s where you formulate solutions, along with your heart. You must work hard in expanding your potentials with a positive mindset and passion. Develop lifelong learning and manage stress. With this element, we develop goals around what we do, like meditating, reading, mental fitness and learning. It is also essential to nourish and take care of mental health.

Try learning new things to avoid feeling stagnant and settling into a mindless routine. You can read a new book, enrol in a special class, or learn something new. 


Work hard in increasing your vitality and energy. Build them through healthy habits. Under this element, plan and include physical activities into your routine, tweak your diet, and pamper yourself from time to time. 

If possible, you might also want to try signing up at a health retreat. And underbody, your goal shouldn’t be to look attractive or to slim down, but to be healthy. Sit back, reflect and check – “Am I physically healthy right now?” 


Your well-being is so important that it can affect your entire body, including your mental health. For this reason, it is very important that you make your home as a haven, designing your ideal environment. Being is about creating that wonderful (and peaceful) world! That is why some people associate it with decluttering, and it proves helpful for many of us. 

Cleaning closets, renovating a bedroom and doing an office makeover are only a few ways with which to design an ideal world. It can also be about moving to your dream location. Part of great well-being is a healthy spiritual life. To keep it in top condition, you can set goals on how to improve your spiritual being, like meditating and keeping that communication line to the Divine open. 

Nevertheless, taking care of this element can make you feel blessed in wonderful and unimaginable ways.   


Always feel contented and thankful for what you have as well as what talents, wealth or appearance your ancestors and parents gave you. In addition, learn how to build and nourish relationships by taking care and investing in your loved ones. And of course, make sure that you always take the time to love yourself. No matter what your goals for the future, maybe, if you do not love yourself, you are unlikely to love others or to enjoy the small things in life. This element invites you to set goals to improve your relationships with colleagues, friends and family as well as how to have more time with the people that matters to you the most, leading us to the next element. 


Try to get more out of each day of your life. After all, we don’t know when our time is up. Thus, we should strive hard to spend each day as if it were the last day. It is also important to find the time to accomplish the things you want to do – and make time, NOT EXCUSES. 

You must set goals to establish and organise your day, plan ahead for weekly and monthly rituals, and get more out of life. 


Also, under life, elements is money. However, it is not just about making enough or more money than you need, but about managing money throughout your life. It’s about planning for your money like making careful investments, considering insurance, or saving in a bank. The money element helps you set goals to reach financial freedom – 

Putting you in a better financial position now and in the coming years. When planning for financial health, start looking into where your finances are now. You must also track any progress or growth, and very importantly – 

PLAN RETIRING WEALTHY AND EARLY so that you can have more time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, while you can, other than when you can no longer travel or spend time outdoors. Also, with a better financial status, you can help more people than you would without it. 


We work to live, not the other way around. Life would be dull with all work and without play! You need to make time for what you are passionate about – it can be something you do for fun or for engaging your attention. 

• Is this painting?  

• Is it travelling?  

• Is it blogging? 

Whatever it is, you should engage in an activity that can make you feel relaxed and be creative. With a passion that you do from time to time, you could rewire your brain, regain energy, and simply take some time off from life’s usual routine. Your passion will help in relighting that fire in you because it lets you do things you love. After all, it is one of the best ways to achieve motivation. If you’re unsure what your passion is, reflect and look into your natural strengths, be ready to set goals, and bring that passion back into your life.  

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