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Supermodel Tyra Banks brings SMiZE Cream to the UAE

by Out and About Mag.

Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Tyra Banks has chosen the UAE capital as the maiden international market outside the US for her global ice cream brand, Smize Cream.

Speaking to the Access Granted talk series here on Thursday, the US businesswoman said she is inspired by the UAE's achievements over the past 50 years.

tyra banks

"It has evolved from the sand to the Moon. The country's beauty and warmth touch me. Also, its progress on female empowerment," she said.

The Access Granted talk series is an initiative powered by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Maven Global to help US companies led by women and minority entrepreneurs to expand in Abu Dhabi and serve as a gateway for the wider Middle East market. The programme is part of the emirate's strategy to attract global companies to set up their regional bases in Abu Dhabi.

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smize cream
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SMiZE Cream successfully launched in 2021 as an ice cream brand that delights customers with its unique hidden edible surprise inside of every ice cream cup and its eye-popping design. In addition, the brand incorporates augmented reality into its packaging and champions setting dreams and goals and mentorship.

Tyra Banks said she is thrilled to share the scoop on the opportunities and challenges for women in business and technology and how she plans to incorporate Web3 into her business model.




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