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The Body Shop Unveils its First ‘Activist Maker Workshop’ Store

by Out and About Mag.

Now, more than ever, the world needs strong, confident bodies. That's why The Body Shop, the iconic activist beauty brand, is rolling up its sleeves, starting with the launch of a new concept store in Makkah Mall, Saudi Arabia, the first of its kind in the Middle East. This new flagship store is an interactive 'activist workshop' that encourages people to explore products and discover how, together, we can fight for a fairer and more beautiful world.  

The Body Shop's new Activist Maker Workshop store is a place for play and discovery, where shoppers can get stuck in and get inspired by the brand's legendary beauty products and ethical purpose. Find out what makes this new concept store a truly unique experience.

The Body Shop


With this new concept, The Body Shop is going back to its roots and continues its passion for being forward-thinking and environmentally progressive. The store has been outfitted with sustainable fixtures made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastics to help minimise its environmental footprint. Examples include a metal facade constructed in aluminium, which requires less energy production than other materials and is infinitely recyclable. The store also boasts worktop surfaces that are manufactured from 100% recycled material destined for landfill.


Pick up The Body Shop's most-loved products from the bestsellers' bays, featuring an edit of head-to-toe heroes loved by customers around the world. Led by single ingredients - many of them sourced through the brand's Community Fair Trade programme - ranges like Tea Tree, Ginger and Hemp have become favourites for their hard-working formulas. The Body Shop's all-female, friendly staff are on-hand to offer demonstrations, tailored tips and new ways to experience these iconic products.


The new store also features an activism hub where people can discover the brand's activist roots as well as campaign for social change around issues ranging from gender equality to fighting cosmetic animal testing. Customers can also find out how they can get involved and take a stand with The Body Shop's global and local collective of fearless activists. 

With its new 'Self Love uprising' Brand Movement, The Body Shop aims to inspire 1 million acts of self-love in 1 year to create more love and positive change in the world. Tips on acts of self-love are shared in the Activism Hub, on The Body Shop online self-love hub and The Body Shop social media channels. As part of the Self Love uprising brand movement, The Body Shop has recently conducted a study to explore the dimensions of self-love in 21 countries across the world, including Saudi Arabia, and report opinions that people have of themselves, including their self-esteem, self-respect, confidence, satisfaction, self-worth, relationships with others, control over life overall wellbeing, frequency of feeling negative emotions and, importantly, the stability of these opinions. The results have shown a slight deficit in the self-love score in Saudi Arabia. On the positive end of the spectrum, however, the study served as a long-term commitment from The Body Shop to always use its voice to help individuals build their self-esteem and voice their opinion. 


Thanks to the gifting station, there are endless ways to make the perfect present as special as your special someone. Get creative and personalise gifts with stamps, ribbons and recyclable paper to treat your loved ones to something truly unique. You can even personalise your refillable bottle with stickers from the gifting station!

The Body Shop


As always, The Body Shop's friendly, knowledgeable Activist Maker Workshop store teams will be on-hand to help shoppers experience and play with products like never before. This all-female team will be happy to offer expert advice, personalised makeovers and body care, skincare and haircare experiential demonstrations. And, if you want to, they'll also be excited to share and engage in activity around The Body Shop's recent campaigns, the environment, social justice and how we can create and fight for a fairer and more beautiful world.

"The new Makkah Mall store showcases the best of The Body Shop's brand values," says Sarah Jackson, Franchise Director The Body Shop EMEA. "This new concept store marks the return to our activism roots. We want our customers to roll up their sleeves and join us in playing with products and campaigning for issues that progress equality."



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