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The Face Shop launches its latest range of belif Super Drops & Super Knights

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belif by The Face Shop unveils its much awaited belif Super Drops and belif Super Knights, 3 highly concentrated and targeted ampoules designed to improve skin texture, brightness, and elasticity.

belif Super Drops is an ampoule series containing ingredients with customised efficacy for each skin concern and were developed after ten years of extensive research on herbs and active substances. belif's Super Drops are all natural and safe for all skin types, with powerful ingredients that produce visible results with a single drop!

belif Super Knights, on the other hand, includes two sleeping masks that work overnight to refresh and recharge the skin for a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Look no further than belif for a one-of-a-kind skincare solution; its diverse range infused with herbs and effective formulas target both internal and external stressors, bringing forward a complete skin healing package to achieve a glow from the inside out.

Face Shop

belif Super drops - Vitamin C 8% | AED 450

Formulated with 8% pure Vitamin C, Vitamin E and tocopherol ingredients, this high-performance product helps to deliver immediate benefits to your skin in just 2 weeks of use. This ampoule provides you with a hydrating finish without a sticky residue and helps boost the skin radiance for that ultimate brightening effect with antioxidant benefits.

Buy belif Super drops - Vitamin C 8%


belif Super

belif Super drops – PHA 5% | AED 450

belif PHA Super Drops is a high-concentrated moisturising ampoule with 5% PHA and a centuries-old herbal formula from Napiers. This intense hydrating ampoule, which also contains rich pomegranate vinegar, has powerful effects that improve skin texture while also exfoliating and hydrating. It maintains the ph balance and improves skin texture at a professional level in a short period of time.

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belif Super drops - Niacin-hydra duo 10% | AED 450

Formulated with 10% Niacin Hydra Duo, this ampoule adheres to the skin to fill pores and improve skin irregularities. It reduces enlarged pores to the level of a professional skincare routine by providing your skin with extreme moisture that prevents any dryness, improves skin elasticity, and evens out skin tone.

Buy belif Super drops - Niacin-hydra duo 10%


belif Super

belif Super knights - multi-vitamin mask 75 ml | AED 250

The Knights Vitamin Sleeping Mask can awaken skin to look vibrant the next morning by recharging tired skin with four vitamins and deep hydration overnight. It contains four multi-vitamin complexes that promote moisture and vitality while improving the transparency of tired skin from lack of sleep.

Buy belif Super knights - multi-vitamin mask 75 ml


belif Super

belif Super knights - clear soothing mask 75 ml | AED 250

The belif Knights Soothing Sleeping Mask can awaken skin and make it look and feel moisturised and hydrated by soothing sensitised skin overnight. Napiers Original Formula and Napiers Aqua Formula, which contain agave and squalene, provide clear, refreshing skin care.

Buy belif Super knights - clear soothing mask 75 ml 


All new belif products, and more, are available across all The Face Shop outlets in the UAE & on their website online. For more information, visit the website.


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