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The Ideal Diet for Every Body Type

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The Ideal Diet for Every Body Type

body type eatingThe best way to start a good diet is to know your body type.  It is called “body type eating” which helps you identify where and how your body is storing fat that affects your health and of course, your weight.  

Once you understand your body type, you can sustain your diet and avoid fad dieting that is unsustainable and hard to keep.

However, body typing is more than just knowing how you look in front of the mirror and in the eyes of others. It is not just how you dress up according to what matches your figure, too. At the very least, knowing your type is essential, especially it can give you clues about your specific strengths and weaknesses in health and food choices.

The Ideal Diet

Understanding your body type and its workings in fat metabolism and storage gives you better results if you’re trying to lose weight or stay fit. Studying different body types will enable you to know the ideal diets that your body type is likely to respond more sustainably.

For your body type, you can determine what to eat and what to avoid.  Let us touch on simple but effective dieting tips that can work based on the principle of body typing that can be categorised into three main types:

  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Ectomorph

Endo body typeThis body type is characterised by a higher fat and body mass, and a good example includes powerlifters. Most of these people are less active and store fat in their bodies due to the intake of excessive amounts of calories. 

Endomorphs are inclined to have higher energy storage, like fat mass and lean muscle mass while having low carbohydrate tolerance. 

If you’re an endomorph, you can include high protein and fat into your diet, but you must time and control your carbohydrate intake. For example, it might be best to consume carbohydrates after a workout.  Overall, for this body type the ideal diet consists of higher portions of protein and fat, with a small portion of carbohydrate-rich food.

For men, the recommendation is to have two servings of protein-rich food, two servings of vegetables, three small servings of fatty food and a cup of carbohydrate-dense food for every meal.

For women, it is suggested to eat half a serving of carbohydrate-dense food, two small servings of fatty food, a small serving of protein-rich food and a serving of vegetables in each meal.


Typically, you can find these men and women with a medium body built, with many characterised by a strong, athletic built. 

They have a medium-sized bone structure. If you belong to this type and you are active, you can have a fit figure with lean muscle mass. You will also have a predisposition to gain muscle and maintain lower body fat.

You’re in luck if you are a mesomorph because you can have a combination diet composed of all macros, including fats, carbohydrates and proteins. At the very least, you can think of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% fat in every meal.

If you’re a male, you can eat two servings of protein-based food, two small servings of fat source food, two servings of vegetables and two cups of a carbohydrate food source. 

For women, it is advised to have a palm of protein source, one cup of carbohydrate-rich food, a serving of vegetables and a small serving of fat-rich foods in every meal.


They are generally thin because they have thin limbs and bone structure. If you’re an ectomorph, you tend to be SNS and thyroid dominant. You are lucky too when it comes to fat metabolism because you have a high carb tolerance and fast metabolism.

You can do best with high carbohydrate content in your diet, lower fat and moderate protein. A suggestion for men can be two fists of vegetables, a small serving of fatty food, and two small servings of protein food and three cups of carbohydrate source in every meal. But this is only a general overview that can vary based on your body weight, too.

For women, you can start with a healthy diet composed of a small serving of protein-rich food, two cups of carbohydrate-rich source, half a serving of fat and a serving of vegetables for each meal.

Why body type eating

Body type dieting teaches individuals to recognise and understand their body type, helping them formulate a dieting strategy that works based on their body’s nutritional needs.

With body type eating, you can also experiment on strategies until you find the perfect one for you and because of this, it can be your best way to begin with dieting.

And if you want to improve your results, you should be more active. Why do you have to? It is because your ability to handle carbohydrates also varies based on your activity level no matter your body composition, health and body composition.

In most cases, it is advised that you eat most starch sources when you are active. The reason is that your body’s ability to handle carbohydrates and your needs and tolerance for it also differs based on your body type.

Ectomorphs have high carb needs and tolerance.  In your diet, you must include a high portion of carbohydrates in your diet, and combine minimally processed carbs, whole grains and some starchy food sources as well as servings of fruits and vegetables.

Mesomorphs, on the other hand, have moderate needs for carbohydrates. You should include carbohydrates in your food intake in your work out. You can also have whole grains and starches at other meals along with minimally-processed carbohydrates but in moderation. For every meal, you should have vegetables and fruits.

For endomorphs, you are endowed with a low carb tolerance. You should include all carb-dense foods for your workouts. For every meal, you should also include fruits and vegetables.

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