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The Michelin Guide Abu Dhabi to hosts 500 guest Gala Dinner Tonight

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The pinnacle of fine dining excellence, the Michelin Guide, is coming to Abu Dhabi to showcase some of the highest quality ingredients and produce the world has ever seen. Following the overwhelming success of the Michelin Guide event that took place earlier in the year in Dubai, Classic Fine Foods are proud to once again be the official food sponsor of this iconic event, which will see the Michelin Guide arrive in the UAE capital for the very first time. With a gala dinner scheduled tonight, in which over 500 people will be in attendance, Classic Fine Foods will be providing all the incredible produce gathered from suppliers all around the world. 

the Michelin Guide

Abu Dhabi is set to become the latest addition to the Michelin Guide, which already covers 36 culinary destinations across North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Europe. This one-of-a-kind event will feature some of the freshest and most sought-after ingredients in the world. Set to bring diners an out-of-this-world five-course dinner extravaganza, guests can look forward to some of the most exquisite dishes ever seen in the Middle East. Also, on the night will be the most unrivalled wine pairings with an extensive selection of the finest wine from around the world. To top off the night, the venue will be adorned with magnificent ice sculptures, mouth-watering seafood displays of the best oyster from around the world, such as Tarbouriech, known for their pink oysters, Saint Kerber; The Fines de Claires Oysters, and Prat-Ar-Coum is known for their large size and full meat, coming straight from Brittany and Normandy. Eye-catching Comte cheese wheels display from the cheese connoisseurs, Les Freres Marchand, the freshest caviar from Sturia, the flagship brand of Sturgeon. You will also enjoy month-watering wagyu tartar from ICON, the best Australian wagyu beef, with umami truffles shavings spread on top of every dish, from the renowned Tartuflanghe truffles from Italy.

the Michelin GuideThis heavenly partnership between Classic Fine Foods and Michelin Guide was conceived around the idea of providing five-star quality ingredients, which is done through the impressive brands Classic Fine Foods work with. Their strong connections and direct links with such amazing brands allow them to understand the whole chain, from selecting the products to plating them in exquisite dishes. They can make things happen depending on the chefs' requests, and they have direct contact with the suppliers, ensuring reliability in the products they receive. Having a strong global connection, being present in 11 countries, allows Classic Fine Foods to optimise its distribution channels, having stronger communication in the process.  

The event is set to take place on November 11th in the Emirates Palace, where the newest additions to the Michelin Guide will be announced.



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