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Citizens, Residents OK to Travel Abroad – UAE

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UAE Citizens and residents

JULY 3, 2020 – The UAE announced that all citizens and residents can now travel abroad following travel and health requirements enforced within the country’s airports and the destinations’ regulations. Carriers will operate in accordance with a classification system based on health and safety standards. UAE citizens must register with ‘Twajudi’, which is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFAIC) to facilitate communication with UAE nationals abroad and coordinate their repatriation in case of emergency. People over the age of 70 and those with chronic diseases are not recommended to travel due to their increased risks.

Travelling Abroad

Depending on current protocols in place at the desired destination, UAE citizens and residents may be subject to COVID-19 tests before travel, with test results required to be presented within 48 hours of the travel period. The test results should be presented either through the AlHosn application or by presenting a medical certificate indicating a negative result. Only individuals with negative test results will be allowed to travel. Additionally, they will be required to obtain international health insurance valid throughout the period of travel and covering the desired destination.

Returning to the UAE

Returning residents must ensure that there are no violations of the declared regulations and procedures, especially with regard to pre-examination in countries where laboratories are available before returning to the country.




UAE Residents Outside the Country Require a Negative Covid-19 Test to Return

Quarantine Guidelines for returning to Dubai


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