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UAE Fashion Brands with a Purpose: Salaty

by Out and About Mag.


Company name: Salaty


The greatest legacy we can pass on to our children is to be aware and appreciate the beauty inside themselves and in everything around them; from nature to the highest technology elements.


Yasmine Hammad is the founder and Creative Director of Salaty and a mother of two beautiful girls. She founded Salaty with sincere passion towards making prayer a beautiful experience, especially for children. Her own children were her true inspiration for the process of designing and producing interactive educational products. During her journey, she also discovered a passion for writing children’s books to encourage children to be more conscious, kind, and compassionate towards themselves and their surroundings. It is in this spirit that Yasmine writes – to share, to inspire, and to motivate.

Yasmine is always in boundless search of ways to make this world a kinder and more peaceful place for current and future generations. From adopting quirky homeless cats to instilling the benefits of meditation in her home, she aims to surround her two daughters and their motley crew with different acts of compassion and kindness every day.

A self-confessed learner, her future plans include starting a foundation to support the education of less fortunate children; keep her daily gratitude journal brimming with appreciation, and continue her path of enlightenment.


Passionate about making a positive impact, especially towards the younger generations. It doesn’t have to be in big groups or global impact – even though that’s the big dream – but starting with yourself and the circle of people around us. The good vibrations will flawlessly travel from that small group of people into the world if it’s infused with so much positivity and sincere intentions.
As the Native American proverb says, “we didn’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


To inspire passion for prayer.

We mainly provide creative tools that children and families can use in this modern-day to perform prayer comfortably. We craft and design prayer gowns, mats, and interactive products to make praying a beautiful experience, especially for younger children.

In the process of creating a product in Salaty, I put myself in the child's position, trying to find what will intrigue them to use it. The conversations in my head are usually around this, "Does it fit properly? Is the height perfect, so they don't trip? Wouldn't it be extra cool if it has a colouring pouch and a prayer mat all in one?" This is how all the products start to take shape and become a reality.

Salaty's products focus on catering to different nationalities using localised, modern teaching elements. We aim to lead a wave of acceptance and mindfulness among the younger generations, allowing them to accept others regardless of backgrounds and ethnic groups; remembering that the next generation can change the world.


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