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Updated protocol for operating UAE schools and universities

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Hazza Al Mansouri, the Official Spokesman of the UAE Education Sector, announced the updated protocol for operating schools and universities to be implemented in the second semester, during the UAE Government media briefing.

The UAE is witnessing a decrease in COVID-19 infections, underscoring the successful strategy of the health sector in managing the pandemic, Al Mansouri added, noting the protocol involves the return of physical education in all schools and universities at full capacity, along with the implementation of relevant precautionary measures.

"School buses will operate at full capacity and implement instructions to wear face masks and ensure good ventilation," he said, affirming medical tests will continue at schools and universities, along with respecting a safe distance between individuals.

Vaccinations will be mandatory for entering university campuses. He added that those who are exempt due to medical reasons are required to provide a negative PCR test every week.

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Parents will be allowed to attend events and activities in schools and universities, if they fully respect the preventive measures and provide a negative PCR test done 96 hours before the event, have signed up to the Green Pass system and wear face masks.

He then pointed out all educational establishments in the country will continue to be monitored to ensure they respect the preventive measures.

Al Mansouri lauded the administrative and teaching staff who have adhered to all procedures aimed at ensuring the health and safety of everyone in schools and universities and commended the role of students and their cooperation with the administrations of educational establishments, which enabled them to pass the first semester successfully.

He then thanked everyone for adhering to the precautionary measures in schools and universities, which ensured the safe return of the education process and promised a close return to normalcy.

"We have witnessed the significant efforts of the local education sector to ensure the safe return of the students to physical education. Today, everyone is responsible for protecting these achievements. It is highly essential for academic and administrative staff to promote the culture of social responsibility among students, including those outside schools," he said.

"We cannot forget the role of students' parents, who are our main partners in the process of awareness and guidance and in promoting this culture, to create a community aware of national responsibilities and achievements," Al Mansouri added.

"We reiterate the education sector urges teachers, students and administrative staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, especially amidst the spread of variants around the world, to achieve collective immunity and ensure a safe environment in educational establishments," he further added.

He then thanked all community segments, stressing their adherence to relevant precautionary measures has been key to achieving recovery and returning to a new normalcy.



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