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What’s in my Beauty Stash?

by Out and About Mag.

Pro Makeup Artist, Liv, shares her list of ‘classic’ makeup and skincare products that are always in her beauty stash.

Skincare products and makeup need to be chosen carefully. Call it 'beauty diligence': each of us swears by 'wonder products' that just give us the results we want―from face creams and serums to body lotions and scrubs that maintain our natural and glowing look. 

Want to take a peek in my beauty stash? These are the ‘classic’ makeup and skincare products that I always keep in my stash!

L’oreal Night Creambeauty stash

L’oreal Night Cream, which contains hyaluronic acid, is one of the main ‘classic’ products I use. This is my all-time favourite moisturiser and I really recommend it to people aged 35 and above. This luxuriant cream will make your skin softer and firmer. L’oreal has a variety of creams that you can choose from depending on your skin condition or issues. 

Neutrogena Face Scrub

beauty stash

Neutrogena face scrub with grapefruit extract is a really gentle scrub that you can use every morning to prepare your skin for a busy day. It will prevent breakouts and will help remove dead skin cells. 

Shiseido Waso Face Cleaner

liv rideg

Shiseido Waso face cleanser with rose extract is a gentle face wash perfect for morning and night use. Your skin will feel refreshingly clean. Rose extract is known for reducing redness and skin irritation.

Max Fix +

Mac Fix + is my favourite product for hydration and setting or refreshing your makeup. It will effectively prolong your makeup for 12 hours. It is also dermatologist-tested and perfect for acne-prone skin as this doesn’t have any ingredients that will trigger acne breakouts.

Becca Liquid Foundation

beauty stash

Becca liquid foundation will stay all day long on your skin: it has a perfect matte coverage that won’t move an inch. It is also lightweight and will give you a natural finish. 

Too Faced Matte Bronzer

liv rideg

Too Faced matte bronzer is great for contouring because of its cool tones. It is buildable and has a natural finish that blends easily. 

The Dior Backstage Highlighter

Beauty stash

When it comes to highlighters, I have loads that I like, but my favourite one is The Dior Backstage highlighter. Dior’s formula is amazingly pigmented and lightweight that will give you a natural glow. 

Dolce & Gabbana Lipsticks
Beauty Stash

Lipstick is important in a woman's bag. My favourites are from Dolce & Gabbana―they are super creamy and super long-lasting. There are many shades to choose from vibrant reds, perfect nudes and even soft and delicate pinks.

Diorshow Mascara

beauty stash

Diorshow mascara will give you beautiful and full volume lashes. This will provide you with a lash extension effect and is definitely buildable. 

Flash by Jimmy Choo

beauty stash

Perfumes are women's most effective weapon, and we like to have quite a few of them. My favourite is Flash by Jimmy Choo. It has subtle white flower notes with hints of fruits and spice. 

Victoria’s Secret Body Lotions and Body Sprays

Body lotions and body sprays from Victoria’s Secret are mainstays in my stash. What I really like about them is the texture and the delectable, alluring fragrances. You can apply them in the morning, and you will still smell the heavenly scents on your skin until midnight. 

About the author 

Liv Rideg

Liv Rideg is an award-winning professional makeup artist and hairstylist with 21 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is currently based in Europe but has worked across the globe, including a spell in Dubai. Liv specialises in bridal, beauty, glamour, creative and fantasy makeup. She has also been teaching makeup techniques and different styles since 2010. 

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