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WHO Foundation: Urgent Appeal for Emergency Support to Earthquake Victims in Turkiyë and Syria

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The WHO Foundation seeks to highlight its urgent campaign focused on raising funds for the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Earthquake Emergency Appeal, which will provide humanitarian health aid to the millions who continue to be affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkiyë and Syria. Aftershocks, freezing conditions, and the destruction of roads and power supplies are increasing the health risks to people in the aftermath of the disaster. The emergency campaign addresses the need for continued healthcare support towards the prompt recovery of the two nations' communities, health systems, and supplies.

WHO Foundation 

The earthquakes, which started on February 6 and have killed over 50,000 people, have continued, with Turkiyë enduring its third earthquake on February 27. This has left millions in urgent need of life-saving medical support and necessities and requires urgent and sustained support and focus on the affected areas more than ever.

The appeal strives to raise $84.57 million in funds to provide support on:

  • Deploying emergency medical workers to treat injured people, support health workers, and maintain essential health services which are urgently required in the aftermath of the earthquake
  • Ensuring access to essential health services, particularly for women, children, the elderly, and those living with noncommunicable diseases
  • Managing health risks which are increasing from aftershocks, freezing conditions, and destruction of roads and electricity
  • Stocking hospital supplies and keeping ambulances running
  • Providing immediate trauma care for injured patients and post-trauma rehabilitative care
  • Offering mental health and psychosocial support
How to help:

Those who wish to support the WHO Foundation's appeal and humanitarian cause can donate to HERE. The donation amount starts at $6. All donations will go into helping save lives in the aftermath of the catastrophic Turkiyë-Syria earthquakes. 



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